Our story begins with the realization that what we had been studying was not something that would motivate us or make us happy for the rest of our lives. And we decided to break up with everything. 

Our desire to travel, see the world, different cultures; Our desire to find a day to day in which we felt free and the idea of a self-sufficient life was what led us to undertake the project that we have named Nómadas del Mar, based on a sailboat that we have also called Nómadas del Mar, which came into our lives in December 2019 and has become our home.


I was born in Madrid, my father being from Ourense (In the northwest of Spain) and my mother from Madrid: Two places without sea. Being a part of human nature to always want what we don’t have (which one should try to moderate and especially on board of a sailing boat) the ocean has always fascinated me.

My desire to travel and see the world was the reason why I studied Economics and International Relations, as well as the trigger that led me to leave everything behind and embark on what is turning out to be the greatest adventure of my life.

Our project is giving us the opportunity to:
Meet new people;
Get to know different cultures;
Know incredible places;
Learn a life in harmony with nature;
And get to know ourselves, giving us the possibility to grow as individuals.


Born in Madrid from a Segovian family, I have always considered myself an adventurer with many interests and a great entrepreneurial spirit. Like every child, I have always looked up to my parents, and that has led me to seek a life out of the ordinary, searching for alternative life models and experiences.

My family became fond of sailing when I was a kid. We all learned how to sail in a small lake in Madrid, starting as freshwater sailors. After some years, my parents took the leap of buying a catamaran in France, in which we sailed the Mediterranean. We later moved on board and headed for the Caribbean, where we spent several years exploring its wonders while I finished my high school education.

Finally, I returned to Spain to go to university and start my professional career, graduating in Economics and Finance and working in banking and as a broker for a few years. I discovered that this world was not the one I wanted to dedicate to (although I still continue to trade) and I changed my sector to tourism. Trying to fit all the pieces together with Celia, we finally decided to start the greatest adventure of our lives: A life at sea aboard our own sailboat Nómadas del Mar.

“I’m leaving. Cast off. Life is mine and I take it by the hand to go out there. I leave behind the things I don’t like. The absurd things. The gentlemen who promise with paternal gestures, the systems that involve and mortgage the joys of life. And I take the path I must take, to know the land; this land that is mine. We leave hand in hand; my life and I, me and my life, and what we begin here is an act of love that will last until death.”

Personal translation of the poem from Julio Villar, ¡Eh, Petrel! Cuaderno de un navegante solitario