Nómadas del Mar

With the project Nómadas del Mar, based on life aboard a sailing boat, we wanted to develop an alternative life model that would allow us to explore the world and at the same time would enable us to bring the nautical world closer to all those who wished to do so, sharing experiences and discovering the most beautiful and hidden places of the sea through a sustainable tourism.

Discover the incredible paradise of San Blas with Nómadas del Mar


We seek an alternative way of traveling, more authentic and environmentally responsible. Traveling by sailboat allows you to move from one place to another using the wind and renewable energies to achieve self-sufficiency, with which we manage to minimise any environmental impact.

Sail with us!

Do you want to live your own experience on a sailing boat? We offer you to come with us to two idyllic destinations:

San Blas, Panama, chartering our sailboat Nómadas del Mar, where you will enjoy sailing in the Caribbean with the constant trade winds, and discover beautiful islands with white sand beaches and palm trees, run by the indigenous people of Guna Yala.

Do you prefer cliffs full of pine trees and crystal clear waters? Then what you are looking for is a getaway around the Mediterranean, where we sail from May to October.

We have our own Youtube channel! Get to know us more as we sail with our boat from Spain to San Blas, Panama.

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