San Blas, Panama, also known as Guna Yala, is an archipelago located on the Caribbean coast of the country. A place with crystal clear waters teeming with life dotted with paradisiacal islands of white sand and full of palm trees.

Corals, rays, turtles, dolphins, sharks…Get ready to enjoy the sea in all its splendour, with turquoise waters of all shades.

A set of more than 365 islands, one for each day of the year, where you will enjoy the sun and the summer heat during the day and nights with skies full of stars. A totally different place that you cannot miss, surrounded by nature and without the overcrowding of large resorts or cruise ships.

You will get to know one of the most authentic destinations in the world, administered by the Guna, an indigenous tribe that maintains a semi-autonomous regime within Panama and have managed to preserve their culture and customs.

And what better way to discover the charms of San Blas than with Nomadas del Mar, sailing from island to island accompanied by the trade winds. Denominated “one of the two best sailing destinations in the world” by Cruising World and Le Monde Voyage magazines, the sailboat will give you the opportunity to discover places otherwise inaccessible, enjoying an all-inclusive and completely personalised trip.

An exclusive and magical place you can’t miss. Sail with us and embark on an experience you will never forget.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
24 de March de 2024

Sois unos cracks!!

He visto todos vuestros episodios y ponéis las ganas a cualquiera de visitaros y compartir una experiencia.

Lo hacéis de 10!! Ánimo pareja!!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
16 de March de 2024

Me gustaría saber cuanto me costaría unos 15 días navegar con vosotros geacias

Rated 5.0 out of 5
2 de February de 2024

Felicitaciones por vuestro modo de vida alternativo, es simplemente audaz y maravilloso. Como amantes del mar con mi mujer los admiramos a ti y Celia, que son una estupenda pareja, que hacen con vuestros videos activismo ecologico por el mar y sus costas, difundiendo su belleza y respeto por su conservacion. Somos fundadores de una organizacion ECOPLAYAS en el Peru, que es lider en conservacion con mas de 25 años de trabsjo en las playas peruanas. Hacemos algo de vela en J24 costeando, buceo y sobre todo camping de playa y hemos recorrido nuestros 3,080 km. de costa por tierra. Conocemos San Blas y nos gustaria navegarlo con Uds., por favor envia informacion. Un fuerte abrazo y buen viento.

Roberto Cañamero