Come on board and discover the unique places that the Mediterranean has to offer.

If you are interested in discovering the Mediterranean, at Nómadas del Mar we will help you find the perfect destination for a dream vacation.

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of rocky cliffs full of pine trees and crystal clear waters that only the Mediterranean can offer you.

Revel in the charm of its coves and white sandy beaches;
Surprise yourself with its rich cultural and natural heritage;
Savour its exquisite gastronomy.

The Mediterranean can offer you everything: From enjoying a vacation with the best services, restaurants and in vogue places, to a holiday in tune with nature, totally disconnected from the outside world.

And there is no better way to enjoy the summer in the Mediterranean than navigating its waters. Enjoy the freedom and intimacy that a sailing trip offers you, choosing where you want to be, with a crystal clear sea as your back garden.